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To empower refugees through educational access and critical resources to minimize hardships and facilitate a sustainable path toward a better future.

Our Sectors of Support


Refugee children, particularly girls, face significant barriers to education. Through our partnerships with local schools and NGOs, we facilitate a range of learning opportunities. These include enrollment in traditional schools, language learning, and vocational training courses. In 2023 alone, we supported over 100 refugee families in Pakistan with these essential educational resources. In a testament to our impact, many beneficiaries have since become leaders and primary earners in their families and communities, .


Empowering Mothers


Mothers are the backbone of refugee families and instill courage, hope and resilience, hence our focus on empowering mothers and single parents. Our approach includes providing vocational training, assisting with job searches, and covering or subsidizing medical expenses. We also offer aid to mothers with exceptional needs. In 2023, SAFAR's timely intervention saved the life of a widowed mother of four who suffered a stroke. Our partnership with local hospitals was instrumental in facilitating her critical care. Looking ahead, we are committed to not only continuing but also expanding our support services.

Refugee Resettlement

Refugee resettlement is a vital step toward a stable and secure future. At SAFAR, we understand the complexities and challenges that refugees face when transitioning to a new life. We collaborate with local communities and support networks to provide access to resources, translation services and employment opportunities. In 2023, we successfully supported the resettlement of numerous families, helping them lay down roots and ensuring they have the support and resources necessary to thrive.

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As we continue to reflect on our impact, this ancient wisdom guides us - 'Whoever saves one life, saves the world entire.' This profound belief motivates us daily to deepen our reach.

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