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Sofia Tavella

Interested in the intersection between engineering and design, and the way those principles can be applied to better lives around the world. Experience working in refugee camps in Lesvos, Greece and with 3D-printed prostheses. 

Omar Azizi
(Founder & Executive Director)

As a refugee and activist, his humanitarian initiatives has been recognized by President Obama. Skilled in business development, management, and non-profit initiatives, focused on refugee resettlement and interfaith dialogue.

Siena Applebaum
(Team Member)

Passionate about blending her love for technical engineering problem solving and human rights. Having spent much of her life in Turkey, human rights in the Middle East is a cause that is especially important to Siena. 

Sabrina Albrecht

Driven by curiosity and the potential to improve the world around us through systems integration and optimization. Experience working on engineering projects with NGOs in Guatemala and Kenya.

Isaac Taylor
(Technical Manager)

Inspired by creativity and challenges, and motivated to creatively support others through the technical challenges required to improve the world.

Jonathon Shen

Experienced in robotics and mobile app development. Compelled to bridge the information gap between refugees and host countries through innovation and technology.

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