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Who We Are

Team of Volunteers


Founder &

Executive Director

Omar understands the refugee problems from lived experience, and his humanitarian initiatives have been recognized by President Obama. He has extensive experience in business development, program management, and non-profit initiatives focused on refugee resettlement and interfaith dialogue. Omar holds a degree in Business from the University of Southern California.

Michael Soehner.webp


Field Manager - Afghanistan

Michael is a dedicated advocate for refugees, actively supporting them in Greek islands and in Afghanistan. He focuses on aiding refugees by delivering them with essential medicines, food, and shelter. Deeply appreciative of his humanitarian role, Michael finds fulfillment in making a tangible difference in the lives of the displaced.

Roya Azizi.jpg

Multilingual Translator

Roya's firsthand experience as an Afghan refugee fuels her dedication to assisting others in similar situations through SAFAR. She provides essential resettlement support and translation services, using her insights to guide and aid. Roya's business acumen, honed with a degree from UC Berkeley and enhanced through her consultancy work at KPMG, strengthens her role in addressing the complex needs of refugees




Sisi is an independent consultant and policy expert with a focus on humanitarianism and international aid. As a journalist and nonprofit consultant in the Middle East, she helped craft narratives to humanize and advocate for refugee policy issues. She also taught English and gave career coaching to Afghan refugees in Istanbul. She holds a Bachelor's in Middle Eastern History from Northwestern and a Master's in Public Policy from Harvard University.

Dariush Rahimi.jpg

Field Coordinator - Pakistan

Dariush Rahimi, himself a refugee in Pakistan, leads SAFAR's field operations in an area hosting over 1 million displaced Afghans since 2021. His firsthand experience as a refugee enriches his role, allowing him to manage partnerships with schools, directly address refugee families' needs, and provide crucial assistance with legal challenges, including unfair detainments. Dariush's unique perspective and committed presence are instrumental in SAFAR's efforts to support the refugees in Pakistan.

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